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Social Media Updates – May 2024

Rachael Luckham

And just like that we’re 6 months into 2024 and, as always, we’re back with more Social Media Updates!

We’ve got an exciting line-up of changes and features that could change how you’re using social media. From Instagram’s new creative tools for Stories to TikTok’s surprising long-form content move, there’s something for everyone to explore! So, kick back, relax and let’s dive in…


We’re starting this month with Instagram and their latest algorithm update which aims to amplify engagement for original and emerging content creators… making it a fairer platform for all. By prioritising original posts over reposts, this update aims to level the playing field, particularly benefiting smaller accounts.
This update doesn’t stop there! Instagram will also notify creators if their content is replaced with reposted material and add a label linking back to the original creator, ensuring credit is given where it’s due. This update gets a big thumbs up from us!

Get ready to spice up your Stories with some exciting new features! Now, you can post hidden stories for your followers to discover, share your favourite tunes, and reminisce about unforgettable moments—all in one place. If you’re not using stories yet, what are you waiting for!!

This next social media update is… interesting!
Under Meta’s wing, Instagram is exploring un-skippable ads, which would potentially alter the ad experience for users. By mimicking a format currently found on YouTube, these ads could become a new fixture in your scrolling routine. There’s nothing to worry about just yet, this update is still being tested so we’ll keep you up dated!

Déjà Vu:

Just when we thought inter-platform competition was settling down… Meta is gearing up to challenge its competitors with a new feature for Instagram called “Peek”. This new feature draws inspiration from platforms like BeReal and Snapchat and will enable users to share authentic photos that can only be viewed once…



If you’re running Ads or planning to anytime soon, this next update is for you!

Meta is ramping up its generative AI tools for advertisers. Meta is rolling out enhanced capabilities to generate full image variations derived from original ad content, offering advertisers greater flexibility and creativity in their campaigns.


Meta is experimenting with a fresh approach to enhance engagement on Threads via Instagram. The latest trial involves testing the capability to cross-post photos from Instagram to Threads. While cross-posting is voluntary, users have the option to automatically share all new photo posts to their Threads account. We’re giving this update a big thumbs up, it could be the next step needed for Threads to continue competing with X!


Speaking of X… Elon Musk’s transformation of X (formerly Twitter) continues, with the latest update targeting the traditional ‘Like’ and ‘Retweet’ options. These features will no longer appear on the main timeline but can still be accessed by clicking on individual tweets. The goal is to reduce clutter and make the app less information dense… Don’t worry though, this change is still being tested.

X is levelling up with new video features, and users can capture, edit, and post videos up to 30 seconds long! We’re sure that Elon is hoping that this update would give Facebook and YouTube a run for their money… but it is too little too late?

It’s official! The platform once known as Twitter has transitioned to as its primary domain. Typing into your browser now redirects to, although results may vary based on browser and login status. It’s good to know that there is a message on the X login page assures users that while the URL has changed, their privacy and data protection settings remain unchanged.

"TikTok seems to be borrowing a page from Instagram's playbook with its upcoming "Collaboration" feature"


It’s been a hot minute since we featured an update from Pinterest, and we’re pleased to bringing you something this month!

Pinterest’s AI-driven collage feature is shaking up the platform…think shuffles! With a whopping threefold increase in engagement compared to traditional Pins, users are getting creative with content curation. From blending web finds with Pinterest gems to adding personal snapshots, the possibilities are endless.
And guess what? These vibrant creations aren’t just staying on Pinterest – they’re making waves on TikTok, set to catchy tunes, showcasing users’ unique tastes and styles for the world to admire!



Over to LinkedIn now and they’re exploring a new revenue avenue by testing the concept of allowing users to charge for virtual events hosted on its platform. A sneak peek into the beta version of the iOS app revealed hints of managing payments, selling tickets, and earning as a host. Users may soon have the option to purchase tickets for these events, with messages in the code indicating support for queries and refunds. Stay tuned as LinkedIn ventures into this exciting new territory!

Lastly, LinkedIn is officially joining other social platforms incorporating labels for AI-generated content. These labels will be put directly into users’ feeds and stems from a collaboration with the Coalition for Content Provenance and Authenticity (C2PA) which leverages data tagging to distinguish AI images.



TikTok is rumoured to be considering the introduction of 60-minute-long videos! If confirmed, TikTok would really start to compete with platforms like YouTube, offering creators an expanded canvas for storytelling. With an extended time limit, TikTok could attract users who prefer longer content formats such as vlogs and documentaries. Additionally, this feature might encourage creators to explore diverse content ideas, catering to the evolving preferences of their audience.

So long Creator Centre, hello TikTok Studio! Our next TikTok social media update sees the platform providing an updated comprehensive dashboard designed to empower creators with enhanced management tools! This upgraded platform, provides creators with a centralised hub to oversee video uploads, editing capabilities, performance analytics, and other essential features! And it’s all accessible from desktop devices!!

TikTok is said to be developing a new streaks feature for its Direct Messaging with an aim to increase engagement among its users. These streaks would be triggered when users maintain daily messaging interactions, incentivising regular engagement on the platform… which sounds a lot like SnapChat!


Collaborations anyone!?

The perpetual cycle of social media innovation imitation continues! But this time it’s TikTok who are doing the copying!!

TikTok seems to be borrowing a page from Instagram’s playbook with its upcoming “Collaboration” feature. This new feature will allow users to invite up to 5 users to collab on a post, up to 4 times per month! This will be a great update for users working with brands and want further exposure on the app!

Lastly for TikTok, they’re stepping up its transparency game by automatically labelling AI-generated content sourced from other platforms. Now, when creators share content made with tools like Open Ai’s DALL·E 3, it will come with an automatic “AI-generated” label, ensuring viewers are aware of its origin.


That wraps up our Social Media Updates for May 2024!

With so many exciting changes and features rolling out, there’s no better time to adapt your strategies and stay ahead of the curve. From Pinterest’s creative collages to X’s new video feature, these social media updates offer fresh opportunities to engage your audience and grow your brand. Don’t miss out on future insights and updates – sign up for our newsletter now and stay up to date with the latest news, social media trends and tips.

Stay social, and we’ll see you next month!


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