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How to Save Time on Social Media Marketing

Nancy Lewendon

Social media can be time-consuming right? The last thing on your list but the thing everyone says you have to do! From planning and creating content, to hashtags and scheduling, there are a lot of elements to work on. But, when done well, social media plays a vital part to your business development strategy.

If you find yourself struggling to get it all done, then stick around because we have some top tips to help you save time on social media marketing.

 Why post to social media

By posting valuable content consistently, you can:

  • Increase brand awareness – let people know who you are and what you stand for!
  • Increase sales – now who wouldn’t want that?!
  • Increase engagement – convert meaningful action.
  • Build authority in your industry – demonstrate yourself as the expert in your field.

Depending on your goals and objectives, all of this can be invaluable return on investment for your business.

How to plan content for social media

Planning your content in advance is a great way to make sure you’re posting quality content, consistently – which will save you time on social media marketing and give you the foresight to see what’s happening in your business.

So, set aside 1-2 hours each month to plan out your social media content for the following month. Look ahead at any dates important to you and outline any topics you want to cover. Having a marketing strategy will also help you create these monthly plans.

Things to include in your content plan:

  • Number of posts- How often do you want to post each week? Keep in mind that quality and consistency are more important than the number of posts. And, stick to a schedule and frequency you can sustain long-term.
  • Goals- What are your overall business goals for the month? How can your content support those goals?
  • Any important dates- Do you have a new product or service launching, anniversaries, awareness days, events etc. Plot those into your plan first, and then add further content around them.
  • Platforms – Which platforms do you want to post on and what content do you want on each platform (think about who is on that platform and what they want to see – don’t just post the same thing everywhere).
"Planning your content in advance is a great way to make sure you’re posting quality content, consistently"

What to create and how

One of the biggest challenges when it comes to social media is knowing what to post. When creating content, you should be sharing a variety of posts. And importantly, you should always be educating, entertaining, or inspiring.

Share your knowledge, take your audience behind the scenes, introduce your team, share reviews, and answer any frequently asked questions.

When done well, graphics can be a great way to grab the attention of your audience and visually show off your branding. Canva is a fantastic tool to help you put together graphics for social media quickly and easily. And if you’re a not-for-profit you can also get access to Canva Pro for free!

Video content is a great visual that can help you reach more people, and it doesn’t have to take you ages to put together. Especially if you plan what you’re going to show or say in advance- just make sure your lighting is good! And if you need to quickly edit your video, apps like CapCut are really quick to use, user-friendly and free!

As well as creating visual content, you want to make sure you have your captions planned out as well. If they’re pre-written, when it comes to posting, all you need to do is copy and paste! Think about the following:

  • Having a good hook – draw the reader in straight away.
  • Tone of voice – be consistent and true to your brand.
  • Hashtags – include these where appropriate and do your research to increase reach and engagement.
  • Call to action – don’t add them to every post but remember to add them in to direct readers to your website, phone number, email etc.

Posting content on social media

Of course, you can post your content whenever you want just by uploading it and clicking post. However, scheduling your content in advance will make sure that the content you’ve spent your time planning and putting together actually goes out.

Many platforms like LinkedIn, Instagram and Facebook allow you to schedule your content for free directly through the app. Or, if you want to be quicker and more efficient, there is Software like Planable, Hootsuite and Later. These sites will allow you to schedule all your content across different platforms on different times/days. They can also provide analytics and recommendations for the best time to post. However, there can be a cost to this so something to bear in mind when considering your marketing budget!

What next?

There are various tools to help you plan, create, schedule and maintain your content and ultimately save time on social media marketing so try them out and see what works for you.

If you still find you and/or your team don’t have the time to commit to consistent social media content, then perhaps it’s time to try outsourcing? If it’s something you’re considering then please get in touch with us by calling 01225 809990 or email

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