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DWP Kickstart Scheme Month 5

Harry Swayne

It’s that time again – New month, new Kickstart Scheme blog! We are starting to get to the end of this series, which is a crazy thought. I have been working at Naturally Social for five months, which means October’s update will be the last one. There’s a rather significant question that remains, but I think I’ll save that to the end. For now, let’s jump on in!

So, how’s this month gone?

Rather well! The office never stops having a busy environment, so I’ve always got something to do. I feel like I keep gaining more responsibility, and with that, I get introduced to more and more tasks. Which is great for me as that means I get to learn more!

How would you say your current self compares to the you back when you started?

Before I joined in April, I hadn’t gained a lot of work-life experience. But I had some skills and a strong ambition to learn and improve. I didn’t use a computer for anything other than Microsoft Word.

Flash-forward and I have gained a substantial amount of experience over the course of working for Naturally Social and the drive to keep learning and improving has increased. My skill-list has grown, I can use a whole variety of tools on the computer now. Oh, and I drink way more tea these days!

In comparison to when I started, I understand the work so much more now. From Digital Marketing to the collection of statistics for social media, and even the necessity of tea in the workplace.

What effects has working for Naturally Social had you?

Naturally, I became more social. Joking aside, I don’t tend to talk much – especially in bigger groups. So it is difficult to emerge from my shell when around people I’m not familiar with. However, the atmosphere of the office and the welcoming attitude from my colleague’s has had the knock-on effect of me coming out of my shell. Even outside of work, talk more!

Another effect that I have received from working at Naturally Social is that it has increased my mental strength. By this, I’m not just referring to the knowledge I have gained (which is a lot,) but from a confidence and self-motivation point of view. Having an important role certainly helps with that, and with everyone on the team being supportive to each other. It has helped me to keep myself motivated and on-task.

Away from work, the confidence and self-motivation I have gained from Naturally Social has been carried into my life as a whole. I enjoy writing fiction outside of work, so the motivation helps me stay on task.  The increased motivation has also led to me taking on a consistent gym routine, which is benefitting me both physically and mentally! I even gained enough confidence to go travelling by myself to an area I had never been to before.

One of the biggest effects that I have taken from my time here is the level of inspiration I get from being around my colleagues. Hearing their stories, watching them work, celebrating their successes and wins of each week keeps me inspired to reach their level and achieve what they have achieved, and maybe even going beyond that.

"The atmosphere of the office and the welcoming attitude that is exuded by my colleagues has had the knock-on effect of me coming out of my shell and, even outside of work, talk more."

So, you’d say the Kickstart Scheme works?

Definitely. Those who are eligible for the Kickstart Scheme should absolutely go for it. Whether it’s the start of a career, returning to employment or a search for self-worth. The Kickstart Scheme is made to benefit you. Employers should not hesitate either, the Scheme is a prime opportunity to find someone capable of growing into your business and becoming an ideal employee.

The Kickstart Scheme has brought me a lot of opportunities and, in turn, I have been able to be an asset to Naturally Social, it is only fair that those in my situation get their turns to shine as well!

What happens at the end of the Kickstart Scheme, will you get a job?

The Kickstart period lasts around six months, this is a good length of time to allow employers to assess your growth with the company and will leave them with two options. To take you on, or to let you go.

If you do get let go, there is no need to worry! The best part of the placement is that you gain invaluable experience that you can take with you for any position you may get hired for. The company that took you on wouldn’t leave you empty-handed as taking full advantage of the Scheme would make it, so you become an ideal candidate for a whole range of employers.

If the company decides to keep you on, congratulations! Clearly, they wouldn’t want to lose someone that invaluable. So take it in stride as your employer would now be thinking about the next stage of your growth and maybe introducing you to a new role!

I am excited to say that I did in fact get the job on a permanent basis and I am so relieved.  I love working at Naturally Social and I can’t wait to when I start again in October!

There’s one more blog to go, but I won’t tell you what that one is – I wouldn’t want to spoil the surprise!

Well, there we go!

I hope you’ve enjoyed this month’s update as much as I have writing it. If you missed last month’s blog you can check it out here, and if you’re curious to find out more about the Kickstart Scheme you can find more information about it here!

That’s all from me, thanks for reading!

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