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DWP Kickstart Scheme Month 2

Harry Swayne

I could’ve sworn that I only just wrote the previous Kickstarter blog, but no it has been a whole month since! I have now been working with Naturally Social for two months. How time flies – seriously it’ll be Christmas in a couple of weeks… jokes!

The Kickstart Scheme, what is that again?

For those who don’t know what I’m going on about, the Kickstart Scheme is a Government-Mandated project that targets getting unemployed 16 – 24-year-olds back into work, particularly after the effects of the pandemic upon the working world.

What happened last month?

Last month I discussed the scheme in detail so I’ll just leave it here for you!

I finished the last blog saying I would be catching up with my work coach about how I was getting on at Naturally Social, and they were really pleased when I gave them a positive update about my time here and the projects I’m working on.

What things have you learned throughout this month?

I think it is safe to say that my tea-making skills have increased exponentially from when I started! Learning all the various processes has been a vital achievement and I believe my understanding of timekeeping, task-tracking, and data reporting has improved.

I even took a course in Minute-Taking! The course itself was explained in good detail and it incorporated activities to keep me on my feet (well, seat, I was sitting down when doing the course.)

Upon completing it I was met with a fearsome foe; the end test (not quite as scary as my A-level exams, although it was more unexpected.) I managed to pass the exam with a result of 96% and I have now started taking minutes in team meetings, which helps me stay focussed, keeps me involved, and keeps me on my feet (again, I mean seat.)

"There have only been positive days while working here, because that’s how Naturally Social works, it instils positivity into all its employees."

Would you say that you have grown as a person through your time at Naturally Social?

Absolutely. Before coming to Naturally Social, I did not have a lot of experience in the working field, I was unemployed, I was unsure what direction I wanted to go in, and I lacked confidence in myself.

The longer I am here I can feel myself gaining more confidence especially when it comes to approaching tasks that I’ve not encountered before.

There have only been positive days while working here because that’s how Naturally Social works, it instils positivity into its employees.

How are you finding the Kickstart Scheme?

Speaking in general, the whole point of the scheme is to battle unemployment in the 16 – 24-year-old bracket, there isn’t a bad thing about it.

I’ve found the right type of business for me; everyone is kind and supportive to each other. The team are talented and they always take the time to make sure I understand the work I do.

Is there anything you are looking forward to?

I look forward to learning new things and honing the skills I’ve already learned. I’m getting more blogs to write too! Anything, where I get to utilise my creative writing abilities, is a win!

Any final thoughts?

If you are with Universal Credit and are unemployed, you shouldn’t hesitate to discuss entering the Kickstart Scheme with your work coach. I’m certain it’ll give you a chance to improve your own working experience and your own self-value. I’ve found it beneficial to both.

That concludes the second part of this blog series, I hope you enjoyed it! Be sure to come back again next month for part three!

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