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DWP Kickstart Scheme

Harry Swayne

So, you may be wondering, what exactly is the Kickstart Scheme? The Kickstart Scheme is a programme created by the Government to get young people into, or back into, employment. With many of these young people entering unemployment and requiring universal credit to get through lockdown, it was much needed. It works by the Government providing funding to create jobs in businesses that can hire people on a temporary work placement. Government funding pays the wages of those hired during the six-month placement. With the overall goal of the scheme being to provide young people with valuable work experience.

Now, how did I get onto the Kickstart Scheme?

Well, simply put, I was on Universal Credit. When someone is on Universal Credit, they get assigned a Work Coach who helps and encourages you to keep looking and applying for work. I was introduced to the Kickstart Scheme by my Work Coach around my fourth or fifth month of being on Universal Credit. The scheme itself started in the summer of 2020.

The process of the Kickstart Scheme has been smooth, my Work Coach easily managed to find work that I was interested in. After reading the job descriptions, I submitted my applications – making sure to keep my Work Coach updated on how each attempt was going.

For a young person, with little experience, entering the world of employment is always a stressful process – especially for those that are on Universal Credit. I understood that stress all too well, even more so last year during the pandemic. It gradually became more apparent that work was going to be sparse and difficult to get. This is exactly why the Kickstart Scheme has been so beneficial to those unemployed, the whole point is that it helps young people to get into work. Furthermore! Kickstart jobs are all about giving you that essential work experience and chance to learn a whole range of new skills. All of this, of course, is to bolster your chances of getting hired on a full-time basis, which is always a good thing!

Would you say it is beneficial for a business to do this?

Indeed, I would! The benefit that stands out to me is that the Kickstart Scheme is encouraging the hiring of young people with little experience. It gives businesses a prime opportunity to develop talent and eagerness into their business. That chance to acquire someone who can grow with the business is so, so valuable.

"That chance to acquire someone who can grow with the business is so, so valuable."

So how have you found it so far?

I have always found looking for work difficult, complicated and confusing. This is why I am grateful for both the Kickstart Scheme and my Work Coach. The Kickstart Scheme has kept my drive for finding work up and I am always eager to learn new things and gain new experiences, which is what the Scheme provides.

When it comes to office life, I am thoroughly enjoying it! Each day brings its’ own unique quirks, and the tasks are so varied that the days do not repeat themselves. And, of course, my colleagues are super kind and welcoming! The atmosphere in the office is incredible, it flows from hardworking to entertaining seamlessly. There is never a boring day in this office.

Are you enjoying the experience?

Yes, absolutely! Obviously, I was anxious on that first week, but that is natural with doing something for the first time. I was entering a field I had little-to-no knowledge about. But now after, what I believe is, my fifth week; I am way more confident than I used to be. Having already learned so much in my time here and I can say that gaining more knowledge and experience is something I can always appreciate. Compared to my last office role, Naturally Social has been more welcoming and more enjoyable too.  Every time I come back here, I know that I am going somewhere that I can grow and learn more than I could previously.

What kind of things have you learned?

I have severely underestimated the importance of tea-making! To be honest, there is a lot of things that I have learned already. The day-to-day processes behind the work, timescale management, the history and goals of the company, are just a few of the things I have learned. And I am looking forward to learning even more!

Any final thoughts?

Honestly, I want to encourage those young people on Universal Credit to talk to their Work Coaches about the Kickstart Scheme. I have found it all so helpful, and I enjoy going to work each day, because of how welcoming and supportive my employers have been. Now to tell my Work Coach the same thing!


Oh! This is a six-part series of posts, so be sure to come back next month for the next update!

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