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Social Media Platform Updates – September 2023

Rachael Luckham

As the leaves start to fall and the days grow shorter, the social media landscape continues to undergo a transformation. September brings with it a fresh breeze of social media platform updates that you need to know about!

We’re guiding you through the latest in the world of social media, helping you stay ahead of the curve. So, grab your pumpkin spice latte and scroll through the changes that could shape your online presence!



Last month we mentioned that the number of active daily users had dropped by 81% since the app launched, so the updates for this platform are few and far between! But we do have a couple for you!

Firstly, Threads is now available on desktop.  This update is long overdue, especially when you think it would be available from launch if it was really to compete with X (formally Twitter). Along with the addition of a desktop version of Threads, they’re also testing keyword searching in Australia and New Zealand.

Next, Meta has made a change to their position around deleting your threads account. When it first launched, users quickly discovered that in order to delete your threads account you’d also lose your Instagram account… So by December this year, it’s said that users will be able to delete just the Threads account (if they want to). It’s going to be interesting to see the user figures once this option goes live.



This update is a big step towards making LinkedIn more accessible. Users sharing articles directly on LinkedIn will now be scanned through “Immersive Reader” by Microsoft. This social media platform update will allow users to utilise the text-to-speech and translation options. With the amount of original content being shared on the platform increasing (by 41% in 2022) this is a significant step forward.

Those using LinkedIn’s sales navigator may notice some new AI elements. The new elements will make it easier to search for connections, leads and other information without needing to know the exact search parameters.

With AI in mind, the next update sees LinkedIn using AI to generate Ad content. LinkedIn’s latest AI addition shows up in their campaign creation tool and will use collated data from LinkedIn profiles which ensures that the Ad is aligned with the brand identity of the business as well as being relevant.



It’s a quick stop to Pinterest this month and we’re talking Ads!

Quizzes, Mobile Deep Links and Showcase Ads are just some of the new ad products that have been introduced by Pinterest with the aim of reaching even more of their 463 million monthly users!
Quiz ads will provide more personalised designs, and Mobile Deep Links should allow brands to see an increase in click-throughs as shopping ads will be clickable. Showcase Ads will let users swipe through branded imagery and discover elements like seasonal goods or product features!



Hold onto your hats, this first social media platform update is pretty BIG!

We already know that TikTok is becoming one of the go-to places for young people to search. Not only that but video content from TikTok (and YouTube) has started to show up in Google search results. With that in mind, we’re excited to see that TikTok and Google are exploring a partnership that could drive more traffic!

But what would this partnership mean? Essentially, users could see Google search prompts and results appearing within TikTok’s search stream! This update gets a big thumbs up from us, and we’re excited to hear more about this partnership.

LinkedIn isn’t the only platform that is utilising AI in its Ads… TikTok launched a Creative Assistant tool to help with the creation process for paid ads! This update will allow users to work through the campaign process with help from the Creative Assistant who will provide relevant tools, and examples and create ad script samples!


Sticking with AI:

TikTok has introduced In-Stream labels for content that has been created by AI. We mentioned this social media platform update last month, and after some testing, it’s officially been launched. This update is going to provide more transparency to users viewing their content. Failure to tag correctly and users could have their content removed. You’ve been warned!

TikTok might be reaching for their Uno reverse card and showing it proudly to Meta! How do we know this? Well based on their recent job advertisements they’re looking to add additional features to the app including in-stream chats, updated sharing options and messaging!
This update seems to come about based on the potential number of people who are sharing content outside of the platform – after all, most if not all social media platforms want you to stay within the platform! So, we’ll wait to see what comes about and let you know our thoughts!

"TikTok and Google are exploring a partnership that could drive more traffic!"


This update is another biggie… and if you’re an OG Facebook user this one is interesting!

Facebook users can now have up to 4 profiles!  You read that right… up to 4 profiles which can then all have their own connections and as well as their own feed.
This is a great update, but it’s important to know that there are limitations to this update. One limitation is that users will still need to have a main profile, which uses your given names. Your sub-profiles can use any name though as long as they’re not impersonating people (and rightly so).

In our next update, Meta is taking a leaf out of X’s book with paid verifications for businesses on Facebook and Instagram. Testing is still taking place for this update, but businesses can take advantage of receiving the blue check mark for their FB and IG accounts.
We’re still waiting for a confirmed launch date, but this update will be coming soon and they have opened a waiting list for businesses to register their interest.

AI continues to be a growing part of social media, and Meta is the latest to join the bot club! Meta is releasing an integrated AI chatbot option which will be customisable as the bots will come with different personas.



New feature alert!
Instagram has introduced a broadcast feature, this new update gives IG users a new way to connect with platform creators. For creators on the platform, you’ll be able to invite users to a broadcast channel. This update is a great way for users to stay up to date with their favourite creators.

New privacy elements are being tested, with Instagram trialling the ability to hide your like activity from other users. If released, this update will allow users to be selective with who can see the content that they like on the platform, or to prevent anyone from seeing what content they’re enjoying.

If you’re using the notes feature on IG, then you may soon be able to include a location tag! While this is yet another feature that Instagram is trialling, the aim of this social media platform update is to make it easier for users to connect over places they are hanging out in.

Lastly for Instagram, they’re rolling out an option to share feed posts with only close friends. The close friend’s option is already available on stories. It’s hoped that this update will encourage more ‘enclosed group engagement’. If you’re sitting on the fence about whether this is a good update or not…We’re giving it a thumbs! Not only will it encourage more people to post more regularly but it could also be a great way to become more comfortable with being face-to-camera!



As expected, the most updates for September came from X (formally Twitter)… And we’re starting off with an update that’s a little controversial.

We’ve mentioned in previous round-up blogs that subscriptions are available for X. But Elon Musk said that he would start charging people to use the platform! The reason behind the charge? To combat the high number of bots found on X. As always, we’ll update you when there is more information…

As part of the premium paid subscription on X, users will soon be able to make audio and video calls on the app. This update supports Elon’s continued to aim for X to become the everything app…but with WhatsApp and iMessage / FaceTime would users really choose to use X instead?

As X leans more and more into video content, they’re looking to increase the discoverability of live streams! To do this, they may choose to use ‘spaces like alerts’ so that live streams are displayed at the top of a user’s timeline.


More from X:

This next update is another test, but if launched it is going to help users to have more control over the content that they see on the app. The new feature will allow users to pin profiles, communities and search queries to their timelines. If you’re only using X for specific activities like keeping up with selected people or viewing a specific hashtag – this update is for you!

The final update for this month is about Circles. If you’re not sure what Circles are (or were) it was Twitters attempt at creating more social interactions in more intimate groups. But, like with a few features that Elon dislikes, Circles will shut down on 31st October 2023.


Until next time:

As we bid adieu to September, we hope you found our latest social media round-up valuable. If you have thoughts or questions about the latest updates, we’d love to hear from you! Feel free to drop us a message on Instagram.

We’ll be back next month with even more exciting updates to keep you ahead of the curve in the dynamic realm of social media. Stay tuned and stay social!

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