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Social Media Updates for September 2021

Autumn is officially here and so is the colder weather and shorter days. But despite the seasons changing, we’re still here to bring you the next collection of social media updates! Let’s jump right in!


We’re kicking off this month’s set of social media updates with Clubhouse, which will make it quicker to initiate a group chat. The ‘Wave’ option will allow you to alert your connections when you’re online and you can begin a conversation with them straight away!


It’s great to see Facebook supporting businesses with these new tools for messaging. Some of the new tools being introduced include the ability to send emails through Business Suite and the ability to update the business pages without needing to log in to personal accounts.

Another update for businesses is that they can now use the “Log-in Connect” function. When enabled, it will allow businesses and customers to directly message each other for a more personalised experience.
This update will be a big boost for businesses wanting to connect more with their customers.

We all know that social media loves video content, so it’s not surprising that Facebook has added Vimeo Create to Business Suite.
Vimeo is already assisting Pinterest and TikTok, so this update is going to be great to help businesses with their video content creation.

The last update from Facebook this month is an odd one…they’re removing data from stories.
We’re not entirely sure why the platform is making this update, but it is going to limit your insights. So unless users have reacted or commented on your story you won’t know who has viewed it. We’re going to reserve judgement on this ‘update’.


Moving onto Instagram and they’re introducing a “Montage” feature, which will see users being able to convert stories into reels. This new feature is another way of competing with TikTok and aims to get users to create more unique content.
With Instagram trying to limit the sharing of regular feed posts into stories, this update could be a good move and should keep people on the platform.

Speaking of saying on the platform. Are you’re tired of scrolling through posts on your feed that don’t mean much to you? If the answer is yes, this next update is for you!

Instagram’s new “Favourites” feature is the modern version of the 2017 favourites option. Users will be able to choose which accounts they are most interested in and give them a higher priority in their feed compared to posts that they don’t want to see as often.

"It’s a big update from Pinterest this month as they are testing the ability to share Idea Pins directly onto Facebook and Instagram’s stories."


When you think about social media creators, you don’t immediately associate them with LinkedIn. Instagram, yes… LinkedIn, not so much…

But! LinkedIn is looking to support creators and brands by launching the “Creators Accelerator Program.” The Program has been used to gain feedback from creators to maximise their online audience and obtain financial assistance to create a larger community.

From a business point of view, which is what you would associate LinkedIn with! They’re looking to continue to grow engagements for brands.

The main way they plan to do this is through their new feature “Articles for Pages.” This means that Company Pages (which previously had character restrictions on organic posts) would be able to post longer articles on their page, much like the articles standard members can write for their feed.

We’re looking forward to this update and hope more businesses will start to use it too!


It’s a big update from Pinterest this month as they are testing the ability to share Idea Pins directly onto Facebook and Instagram’s stories. This new functionality will be big for brands who are already utilising the amazing world of Pinterest and will broaden their audience and potentially maximise their market value.

Keep an eye on our Facebook and Instagram Stories as our Business Manager, Rachael, will be sharing some of our idea pins there as soon as possible!

Pinterest isn’t stopping with that update though, they’re also testing a vertical content feed. The new-look feed will also come with two different tabs, “Browse” and “Watch.” Browse would represent Pinterest’s traditional feed display, while the Watch tab would represent the newer format of Pin discovery.


One of the first updates from TikTok this month is their introduction of pinned videos. Users will be able to “pin” specific videos to the top of their profile display, which is going to be useful for organic content and could allow the videos to gain a lot more traction and engagement.

In addition to being able to pin your best videos to your TikTok profile, the platform is also finding ways to increase the safety measures of its users.
These opt-in resources include wellbeing guides from charities and help with hiding potentially distressing content.

The tools for tackling mental health issues don’t end there. TikTok has introduced a function that points users towards relevant and local support organisations if certain terms are entered into the search bar.


The last social media platform for this month’s update is Twitter and they’ve been busy!

This first update is an odd one as Twitter is bringing back Fleets… well sort of!

After being retired last month, Twitter did note that the lessons learned would go into new developments – and this update shows that.
By experimenting with a new visual editor, users will be able to utilise the tools that were available on Fleets and add some additional creative flair to tweets.

Fleets…. Tweets… Yikes! We need a little sit-down!

This month has also seen Twitter busy with Spaces by introducing Topics to let users categorise their conversations in a similar vein to how Clubhouse works.

Twitter is also be making it easier to discover and listen to audio spaces, which only goes to show their dedication to their own live audio feature and that the rivalry with Clubhouse continues on.

But Clubhouse isn’t the only rivalry Twitter plans to have, so watch out Facebook!

Twitter plan to introduce their own version of Facebook Groups in Communities. Communities would function in a similar way to Facebook and Reddit’s communal features, allowing you to post directly to a group of people who share common interests.
This update should do businesses a world of good as it will be another way to communicate with their customers.


And breathe…

There we go, another set of social media updates successfully delivered!
We’re looking forward to giving some of these social media updates a go ourselves and hope they will be helpful to you and your time online!

Don’t forget to share the roundup with your friends and colleagues! For more social media insights, you can find us across all platforms. Don’t forget to give us a follow on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and Pinterest.

Until next month, stay social!


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