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Social Media Updates for June 2021

Harry Swayne

While the weather has been more indecisive than a cat trying to figure out whether it wants to come inside. We’re here to keep business owners up to date with the latest Social Media Updates! Smooth transitions aside, let’s jump on into the news for June!


We’re starting with LinkedIn which has seen a couple of social media updates this month.

It appears LinkedIn has taken a page out of Facebook’s… book, as they have introduced a boost functionality to posts in an effort for businesses to reach as many people as possible. Users will be able to pick from a variety of options that can help target specific audience niches.

Another update coming to LinkedIn is the inclusion of pronouns in user profiles. Introduced at the start of Pride Month, this update seeks to increase the inclusivity of gender identities and makes it easier for users to know how they can respectfully refer to someone who does identify as either Non-Binary or Transgender. It also allows us to show support to the LGBTQ+ community.


Facebook is introducing new tools for the Admins in Groups. The new feature will help Admins to find and restrict any unruly or inappropriate messages from group discussion.

To stay competitive with its rivals, Facebook has launched their podcast and live audio streaming functions. So far, the only ones who can utilise this update are verified public figures, which makes sense private accounts wouldn’t get much reach.
It’s worth noting that the podcast and live audio streaming are only available in the US right now. But don’t panic! There are plans to launch this feature in additional locations soon.

In their campaign to boost their e-commerce field, Social Media sites have begun to include marketplaces and shops to increase their revenue.

Facebook (owners of WhatsApp) have announced that even WhatsApp will start including shops on its pages.

The most-used messaging service worldwide has difficulty with monetization as you can’t just pop adverts in private chats. This is why they seek to include shops on the app, rather than usual ads. Facebook are even going to start a live-streaming event for an interactive shopping experience which will help this e-commerce push.

Lastly for Facebook

The last headliner update for Facebook this month comes in the addition of public comments on stories. The inclusion of public comments could be utilised as a means of increasing engagement and can get your audience more involved in the business’ social updates. A way to utilise this best could be to use this feature during a live stream as a FAQ answering session.

In their campaign to boost their e-commerce field, Social Media sites have begun to include marketplaces and shops to increase their revenue.


By finally allowing users to check stats through the website and desktop versions of the social media service. Instagram are improving the ability to monitor engagements and view post insights. This will be a huge asset for businesses as a lot of them prefer using computers to smartphones for stat collection.

Instagram will also begin to implement engagement calculations for live broadcasts and reels. So far, they have only been monitoring the engagement for standard posts, but since reels and live broadcasting are heavily used features it makes sense to start keeping track of how well they do.

Lastly, for Instagram, it appears that they are going to allow users to hide their like counts in order to reduce pressure from Social Media. This is great for the personal use of social media as it will relieve some of the pressures that come with being active on social media. However, this is not beneficial for Content Creators and Businesses, due to influencers needing likes and engagements to be visible to sell their content. Some buyers use likes as a factor to buy when looking at online businesses.


Going over for a quick social media update from TikTok now and to try and help small and medium enterprises reach their customers, TikTok have launched some new tools. This includes an Ads manager that allows for Shopify merchants to effectively market their products and services via TikTok.


Not much has happened over in Pinterest’s corner this month, however, they are promoting eco-friendly shopping!

It has been reported that Pinterest has been providing insights to businesses that users have searched with sustainability in mind to promote environmental protection. Some people have been dubbing this a ‘Greenaissance,’ which seems like a fancy term for improving the welfare of the environment…


Twitter’s introducing a new subscription mode – the Twitter Blue Subscription Service. This service will incorporate a whole variety of features not accessible to the general public, such as undoing tweets and dedicated support.

Another possible feature that may be implemented into the Twitter Blue service could be newsletters, a lot of businesses utilise an email newsletter to inform customers of what they have been working on, and updated on their latest product or service. General Newsletter Subscriptions may be getting incorporated into regular Twitter, as well as the Twitter Blue feature.

It appears Twitter may be taking a page out of Facebook’s book (didn’t we just do that joke?) and will be creating more ways of reacting to posts. Not only that but they will be incorporating adverts into their Fleets. In case you forgot, a Fleet is a temporary story Tweet just like Instagram stories.

One feature we’re pleased to see being introduced is the ability to untag or unmention yourself from tweets, This is going to be a big bonus if you’re tagged in conversations that you don’t want to be a part of, or you got tagged in yet another cat meme! Soon you will be able to simply un-tag yourself from those posts instead of being bothered by loads of notifications!

Lastly, Twitter is doing well in the audio room game! And by introducing a download feature for Spaces they hope to outpace Clubhouse and maximize the reach of Spaces’.


Speaking of Clubhouse, it will soon allow its users to link Twitter and Instagram accounts. This update means additional security through a verification step, but it could also help with increasing the range of communication for Clubhouse users.

It’s nice to see Social Media sites linking up rather than competing against each other, actually, we see this again with Twitter allowing IOS users to share their content via Instagram stories – sorry Android users, you’ll have to wait your turn!


And that’s a wrap!

Well, that’s the latest social media updates for June! Hopefully, they will prove useful for your social endeavours,  make sure to share this blog with your friends and colleagues!

If you missed last month’s social media updates you can find them here, and we’d love to connect with you on social media!If You can find us on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and Pinterest!

We’ll be back next month with more updates from the world of social media…until then… Stay Social!

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