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Social Media Updates for March

Nancy Lewendon

With spring finally here, there’s more to look forward to than just warmer weather and lighter evenings! The social media updates are in full bloom, bringing fresh features and exciting changes to your favourite platforms!


Pinterest is also testing ‘Premiere Spotlight’. This update would place a brand’s promotion in the prominent, top-of-screen real estate on the app’s search page for 24 hours! This update could help businesses reach more users and potentially increase traffic to their pins.

Pinterest has announced new updates to help retailers maximise their opportunities in the app including new display options!



Over to LinkedIn now, and they’re adding new elements to the Sales Navigator tool. These new elements will provide more ways for salespeople to make relevant connections. Which in turn could help maximise sales, as well as uncover new opportunities. We’ll give you a quick example… The Relationship Explorer tab, will show you up to eight individuals that are the most likely to be the decision-makers and so the best people to reach out to.

LinkedIn has also announced that it will begin using AI with a new initiative called Collaborative Articles. These articles will work as AI-powered conversation starters, and by using LinkedIn’s Skills Graph it will match each article with relevant member experts! Those experts can then contribute their lessons, anecdotes and advice based on their own professional experience.

The platform is also providing more options for creating your LinkedIn profile, AI generated job descriptions and new educational opportunities with GPT-powered tool, LinkedIn learning!

LinkedIn has added a new option to share posts to your network! With this update you can forward a post to multiple members at once, create a new group message of individuals and add a custom message along with the post you’re sending. This update could be a great way to spark more in-depth discussions in the app, as well as increase engagement.



TikTok is adding some new well-being elements to ensure that people are not spending too much time in the app. While this update is aimed at teens, it willthe app.

TikTok has launched ‘Series’. This update will allow Creators to charge for exclusive content. This update could be a great way to start generating income directly through the app by offering paid for training workshops!

TikTok has also added a ‘Keyword Insights’ element in its Creative Centre! This is going to allow users to find information on which keywords and phrases are working best within TikTok ads. This update is worth noting as it could be a great way to ensure that the money you’re investing in ad spend is as worthwhile as possible!



Meta has also outlined plans to move Messenger back onto the Facebook app. This may help Facebook become more user-friendly, especially for business owners! The streamlining will help users to find messages and comments from their customers.

Meta is removing audio channels in groups! This seems to be a theme among many platforms and reaffirms that the focus remains with video content rather than audio. This is definitely something that you should keep in mind when you’re planning your content!



Facebook have announced new updates for Facebook Reels, including an expanded length limit, Memories integration and new trending Reels templates. These updates could see more people engaging with Reels, so if you’re not repurposing your video content to Facebook already, now’s the time to start!

"TikTok has also added a ‘Keyword Insights’ element in its Creative Centre!"


This update echoes the days of MySpace (remember that! 😉)! Instagram is testing a new ‘Top 3’ sticker option for Stories! This update would encourage users to highlight their top 3 favourite accounts, tracks, places, etc. This would be another great way to increase engagement and potentially raise brand awareness in the app.

Instagram’s also launching two new ad options! “Reminder ads” which will allow users to opt into alerts ahead of an event. And “ads in search results” which will target people actively searching for businesses, products and content. These new options will give businesses more ways to get discovered and help them form meaningful connections with their audience.

Next up, the app is experimenting with the option for Reels to play for their full duration of 60-seconds within Stories! Currently users can view the first 15 seconds and have to tap through to view the whole thing. This highlights the popularity and importance of Reels with Instagram!

Meta is also introducing ‘Collaborative Collections’! This update looks to increase engagement, make it easier start discussions around a trending post, and for your audience to add other posts into a conversation. It also will help businesses to drive engagement to a single post, as opposed to sharing posts to a single person.

Instagram is testing a new feature to make it easier for users to reshare Reels. The update would include a row called “Latest Shares” at the top of your direct messages as well as show you avatars of who you shared it with. This help push more engagement to reels by reminding users of Reels they enjoyed and encouraging to reshare



Twitter is planning to roll out full messaging encryption. This could be a great update as it would increase security by ensuring conversations between users are only ever seen by those sending the messages and not a third party.

Twitter’s working on a new bookmark display! This could be a more user-friendly way to help businesses understand whether their content is being saved. It could also be another way to help boost engagement as opposed to liking tweets.



We have an update from Google this month! The search engine has announced an expansion of Local Services Ads. This will enable businesses to better highlight their services to the local area. The option is currently only available for home, legal and real estate service businesses but it looks like there will be more options coming soon. This is a great update that we’ll be watching closely!



What’s this?! Another platform pushing short-form videos?! Reddit is introducing a dedicated watch feed in the app! This update means you’ll be able to scroll Reddit in ‘Read mode’ which highlights text-based posts. ‘Watch Mode’, will then provide a continuous feed of vertical video content!

In another shift towards video content rather than audio – Reddit has also announced that its shutting down ‘Reddit Talks’. While this isn’t the end for audio in reddit, it’s just not going to be its focus for now.

Finally, Reddit is making it easier for brands to get into ads with ‘Simple Create’. A great update if your business is new to ads or has limited time to work on them!


And there you have it!

Whether you’re a social media manager or a business owner, staying up to date with the changes to social media will help your online experience! We’ll be back again next month with more news and updates to help you stay ahead of the curve!

If you have any questions or want to share your thoughts on these updates, we’d love to hear from you – get in touch!

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