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Social Media Updates for January

Nancy Lewendon

Well done, you made it through the first month of 2023! We hope it was productive and positive. As usual, we are here with all the social media updates for January.


We’re kicking it all off with TikTok, who are developing new ways for creators to make brand deals with a new Creator Marketplace feature. The feature will allow talent managers to assess the brand opportunities that are being offered to their creators.

There have also been updates to the audience control features. Meaning creators can now restrict their video views to users who are 18+. This could be beneficial if your clientele is adult only, to prevent minors from encountering your content.



Previously Twitter has allowed users to shift between an algorithmic timeline and a reverse chronological timeline. Now, the feed is split into two tabs: “For You” and “Following” (sounds familiar, right!). This feature was initially rolled out to iPhones and iPads and has now started appearing on desktop web browsers.

When setting your business up on Twitter, you may want your username to be the same as your business name. If that’s the case, it can be really frustrating when you register and find out – it’s already taken. Well, Twitter is looking at freeing the usernames of 1.5billion accounts! It’s also reported that they’re considering auctioning off those usernames in order to keep generating revenue.

We have a verification update for you next (brace yourself!). The platform is now inviting businesses to sign-up for its ‘Verification for Organisations’ subscription offering, formerly known as Blue for Business. There’s not much info on what you get with this verification yet, aside from a Gold checkmark, so we’ll keep you posted!



Instagram isn’t one to be left behind and they have some exciting updates this month!

First up, we have some big news that will impact your marketing strategy… Instagram has announced that it showed too many videos in 2022 so it’s going to focus on photos in 2023.

Following that update, they have also announced that they will be removing the Shop tab. If your business sells products, there’s no need to panic. An Instagram spokesperson stated that “You will still be able to set up and run your shop on Instagram as we continue to invest in shopping experiences that provide the most value for people and businesses across Feed, Stories, Reels, ads, and more.” With that in mind, we recommend making sure your website is linked and clearly labelled in your bio to direct traffic that way.

The final update from Instagram is a new feature called Quiet Mode. This feature will notify contacts when you’re offline to will help users take breaks. This update will be great for business owners who want to better manage customer expectations. For example, you could activate quiet mode outside of your business’s working hours. This will then let customers know that they won’t get an immediate response.

"Instagram has announced that it showed too many videos in 2022"


#FreeTheNipple! A Meta-funded panel has told Facebook and Instagram that they must clarify their policy on bare breasts. This comes as conversations around how the rules apply to intersex, non-binary and transgender people.

The platform has also made some changes to its ads in an effort to prevent discrimination. This follows complaints that advertisers could abuse Facebook ad tools to exclude people from housing, employment opportunities or financial services.

Further to this, Meta is also making changes to how Instagram and Facebook advertise to young users. They will remove the option for targeting advertising to teen users based on gender as well as end advertisers’ ability to target personalised ads to under-18 users based on their in-app activity.

Last update from Meta… the Creator Studio page management app will be removed. Instead, users will have to use its Business Suite platform. (Hooray!) This update will make Facebook a lot more user friendly. You will find your business page, insights, newsfeed etc all in one place.



You might have noticed this update, the curious reaction has now gone from LinkedIn. We’re not sure why (how curious 😉) but will keep you updated.

The platform is also making changes to its job features by testing personalised “job collections” as well as updated job titles for accessibility.

Here’s your last update… LinkedIn is introducing a new feature that will let users see the newsletters that other users are subscribed to. This update aims to help users discover new content and stay up to date with industry trends. Speaking of newsletters! We’ve just launched #upgradeyoursocial on our LinkedIn page and would love you to subscribe.


Those are the social media updates for January!

We hope you found them useful, we’d love to hear whether you’re planning to put any of these into practice. Let us know over on Instagram!

We’ll be sharing more updates over on TikTok and Twitter – so why not give us a follow.

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