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Social Media Updates – February 2024

Rachael Luckham

As we bid farewell to the month of love, let’s look back at the latest social media updates, news, and happenings across the digital landscape. Welcome to the February Social Media Round-Up!



We’re kicking off the round-up with Universal Music is throwing some shade at TikTok! Universal are talking about pulling a lot of their music from the app, including Taylor Swift, after payment negotiations broke down and they failed to reach a new licensing agreement!  This could explain why increased amounts of content are having the sounds muted!

TikTok is stepping up its search game! Users can download a dedicated TikTok Search shortcut, making content discovery a breeze. With this new feature, you can quickly access TikTok content without navigating through the app.

This last TikTok social media update sees the platform team up with Adobe Express. TikTok Creative Assistant could be a game-changer for video content creation. Now available as an add-on within Adobe Express, it’s never been easier or quicker to unleash your creativity!



Instagram has rolled out the ability to edit messages… within a 15-minute window! Similar to WhatsApp and Telegram, users can now correct any typos, factual errors, or even change the whole message without needing to unsend! This is good news for anyone who’s ever sent a cringe-worthy message!

With a new feature being tested, users may be able to preview feed posts on your profile grid before posting. Say goodbye to mismatched aesthetics – this handy tool ensures every update aligns perfectly with your IG vibe.

Instagram’s latest move might not shock anyone… especially as we’ve seen a few platforms trying to mirror TikTok! Reel carousels are currently being experimented with and will allow users to share multiple videos or images in a single post. Stay tuned for more updates as this feature develops!

If you’re still wondering about how many hashtags to add with your Instagram content, this next social media update will give you the answer!
Tests are taking place that will limit users to just 5 hashtags per post! This update copies restrictions that have been seen on Threads, and if you try to add more than 5 hashtags you’ll be reminded of the limitation!



It’s a quick stop to Facebook this month, but we’re starting with a social media update that is for both Facebook and Instagram!
Both platforms will now label all AI-generated images shared on their platforms. This move aims to address concerns around the upcoming elections, and the rise of AI-generated content.

Sticking with AI and Facebook are testing new AI prompts for composing posts. The new ‘Write with AI’ prompt is Meta’s system that will generate a caption based on your post text or image.

"Tests are taking place that will limit users to just 5 hashtags per post! This update copies restrictions that have been seen on Threads, and if you try to add more than 5 hashtags you’ll be reminded of the limitation!"


Things seem to be progressing nicely over on Threads, and we’re getting ready for a new tagging feature! Instead of your typical hash-tagged word, Threads turns it into a snazzy blue-text hyperlink! This is just available to Aussie users, so we’ll keep you updated on when this is rolled out further.



Big changes are happening on LinkedIn! The platform is bidding farewell to its ‘Creator Mode’ option. But not to worry – most Creator Mode elements will still be available as optional tools for all users, even if you haven’t activated Creator Mode.

LinkedIn is also introducing a new AI-powered feature to streamline interactions with your connections. By leveraging information from both sender and recipient profiles, the AI will draft initial messages for you! It’s worth noting that this new feature is available exclusively for LinkedIn Premium users.

The last of LinkedIn’s social media updates is that they’ve introduced a new Media Planning API, designed for agency partners! This innovative tool offers direct access to valuable data sourced from LinkedIn’s platform, including user insights, to elevate strategic campaign planning.



It’s a quick stop to Pinterest this month and they’re unveiling a refreshed Business Manager, which will make managing Pin campaigns easier than ever! This update prioritises collaboration and allows multiple team members to participate in Pin campaigns. This update gets a big thumbs-up from us!



Exciting news from X! They are currently testing a new sorting option for post replies in the app. Users may be able to sort replies by time, engagement, or ‘Trending.’ These new options should make it easier to find the most intriguing or recent responses in-stream. Stay tuned for updates!

X is introducing a game-changing addition: Article content option for long-form posts. This will be a breakthrough for brands, businesses, marketers, and tech enthusiasts alike! Like with most things on X, this is going to be behind a paywall!


New App Alert:

It seems like we can’t go more than a few months without a new app coming to market, and February has been no different!

Noteit, an app that Gen Alpha can’t get enough of has been dubbed ‘the Snapchat replacement,’! As its usership hits a whopping 50 million users, the app is looking to differentiate itself from the social media giants (Meta, X, and TikTok) who are struggling with safety and privacy concerns. Noteit says “it’s all about connecting with those who matter most to you – no drama, just genuine connections!”

You think that’s it? We’ve got another for you!
Bluesky, the platform that is aiming to save us from the Twitter abyss, is now open! After months of teasing, Bluesky finally dropped as an invite-only app, but is now available to everyone!


That’s your lot!

It’s been quite the collection of social media updates this month. From Instagram’s new sorting options to LinkedIn’s Media Planning API, the digital landscape is evolving fast!
We’re committed to being ahead of the curve when it comes to all things social…  So, take these updates and keep on rocking those social channels. Until next time, stay social!

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