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Social Media Updates for December 2022

Nancy Lewendon

Before we get too excited about 2023, let’s dive into the final social media updates for December 2022.


The platform is currently testing a new horizontal, full-screen display option. Some users can now see a “full screen” button on the screen. This will prompt them to turn their device to view the video in full screen.

The platform is also rolling out an update to let users know why a video is being shown on their For You page. This is their latest effort to be more transparent . They will also be looking to expand this feature in the future.



Over to YouTube who recently announced some updated monetisation guidelines. This is in response to users asking for more ‘clarity and transparency around YouTube’s advertiser friendly guidelines’.

YouTube has also announced a new automated system called ‘Aloud’ which will allow you to dub over your videos in another language!

Finally, YouTube is testing new Emoji reactions that can be commented on during live streams to change up engagement as well as New Shorts Editing Tools.



There’s a lot going on in the world of Twitter so brace yourself and don’t forget, we’re here to help! Last month, Twitter suspended its $8 paid verification plan but you might have seen that in December, TwitterBlue was re-launched! Users that sign up on an iOS device will have to pay $11 per month to get a blue checkmark. It remains at $8 per month if you sign up on the web.

Elon has given a further update to TwitterBlue, tweeting that a Basic Blue package would have “half the number of ads” and the platform would “offer a higher tier with no ads next year.”

Another update for TwitterBlue is that paying subscribers will now get ‘prioritized rankings in conversations’ as well as the ability to upload videos up to 60 minutes in length.

A problem many users highlighted with paid verification is the increase in the ability to impersonate users. In an effort to prevent this, profile pictures for brand profiles on Twitter have changed from a circle to a square.


More from Twitter

The platform is also looking to develop an ad placement control dashboard, which will allow ad partners to select certain keywords that they don’t want their ads being placed alongside. This will help limit unwanted brand association in the app.

Next update from the platform is that the Community Notes feature is now available to all users, though it’s not fully available globally – while all Twitter users can view Community Notes attached to tweets, only US-based users can create them. Twitter said more users from other regions will be able to add notes to tweets soon, so we’ll be watching this update!

If you didn’t know, last January Twitter purchased Revue. Revue was a newsletter platform that helped writers monetise their Twitter following by integrating their newsletters directly into the Twitter timeline. Last month, former Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey posted his first-ever article to this platform. In response, Elon Musk has now shut down the platform. Ouch!

Our final Twitter update (we promise!) is the platform has announced that it would be banning users from posting handles and links to social media platforms, including Facebook, Instagram, Mastodon. However the tweets announcing this policy have since been deleted, along with the the policy page that detailed these rules. A poll was also tweeted, asking users if the company should form a policy on accounts used just to promote other social networks. This could have an impact on business promotion, so we’ll be keeping a close an on where this goes!



We don’t always have Reddit updates but we have a couple for you from December! Users can now upload images or gifs right as a comment! This is an update that will be available on any subreddits where the feature has been turned on.

Reddit has also launched a new website called Reddit for Business! The website aims to provide free insights, tips and notes for prospective Reddit ad buyers to help with their marketing.



Moving over to Snapchat which has been adding some new features for Snapchat+ subscribers. This includes the option to personalise the look and feel of the app as well as a new Gifting feature.

The app is also working on a new Story Boost option to help Snapchat+ subscribers gain more visibility. It would work by giving your Story priority, and displaying it among the first Stories for your contacts every day.

YouTube has also announced a new automated system called ‘Aloud’ which will allow you to dub over your videos in another language!


We’re excited about this update… Meta is currently rolling out the ability to run ads on Facebook and Instagram that target your Instagram followers. This update will give users a new audience in their promotional ad process.


Meta – Instagram

Time for some Instagram updates and first up, the app has introduced an update for professional accounts to help users understand if their account’s content can be recommended to non-followers, understand why and what they can do to change this.

Instagram has also launched the new platform,, to help hacked users regain account access. This feature is an all-in-one account support page to help make account recovery quicker and easier.



Finally, over to LinkedIn which has provided new insights tools including followers growth stats ad new demographics, to help users better understand their audience and growth.


That’s a wrap!

It’s been a busy month but that’s it from 2022! We hope you found it helpful – if you’re interested in more support, then take a look at what you can expect when you work with us. We would love to chat with you about how we can help and answer any other questions you might have.

It’s time for us to move into January…

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