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Social Media News – June 2024

Rachael Luckham

Welcome to our latest roundup of Social Media news where we’re bringing you the freshest updates from across the internet! These insights will help you stay ahead of the curve and leverage the latest developments to enhance your digital strategies! Let’s jump in…



We’re starting with LinkedIn who are stepping up its game for B2B marketers by introducing new advertising features. The new features include video ads, AI-powered optimisation, and seamless design tools.

Next, LinkedIn is officially rolling out its new Premium Company Pages.  Premium Company Page subscribers can now enjoy various new tools and enhancements, which include custom CTA buttons to generate leads! Other tools include being able to auto-invite users to like your page, testimonial displays, and access to AI writing assistant.

Finally for LinkedIn, they’ve rolled out new updates for its e-newsletter creation platform.  The display layout for LinkedIn’s newsletters has been refreshed. Comments are relocated to the right side of the main screen allowing newsletters to occupy more prominent screen space.



Last week, Instagram caused a stir by releasing a video explaining that asking for engagement could reduce your post’s reach. To avoid confusion, Instagram has clarified its stance, offering detailed insights into how this might impact post-performance… Spoiler alert! Asking for people to comment with a specific word or emoji will mean your content not being pushed out further!

Next, Instagram is experimenting with new features for Carousel posts. Creators can now add text overlays to individual images and re-format images within the carousel. This is a great update and will offer more presentation options, especially for how-to content.


Watch out!

Instagram might soon enable cross posting to WhatsApp. Being able to cross-post IG Stories to WhatsApp Status is a big development, after all WhatsApp has 450 million daily active users.

Lastly for Instagram, they’re experimenting with chat widgets! This update aims to enhance engagement within DMs, allowing users to integrate additional tools and indicators into their chat interactions.



Onto Facebook now and unless you’ve been on a digital detox, we’re sure you’ve heard about Meta’s AI plans…

Meta plans to use public posts and images from Instagram and Facebook to train their AI tools. Meta has been notifying UK and European users about public information being used to “develop and improve” AI products. But there is nothing to worry about as the launch of these AI tools in Europe has been delayed!

To stay relevant, Facebook is taking significant steps to revitalise itself by focusing on feeds, reels, and creators. To enhance the discoverability of its feed, users will see more reels and posts from people who aren’t their friends. This means the algorithm should cater to users’ personal interests more effectively.

"Instagram has clarified its stance, offering detailed insights into how this might impact post-performance and sharing guidance on CTAs, Reels, and other engagement strategies."

This next update is interesting!

Facebook are testing new automated feature designed to optimise the performance of Reels on business pages. Aswell as experimenting with auto-generated templates for Reels promotions, Meta introduced caption A/B testing for Reels creators last November, providing another method for refining content strategies manually.

Lastly for Facebook… The Broadcast Channels feature is now available to all Facebook Pages with over 10k followers. Initially introduced on Instagram and then on Facebook and Messenger in October last year, the expansion aims to extend the one-to-many chat option to a larger number of Pages!



It’s just the one Social Media news update for Threads this month…but it’s pretty exciting!

Instagram is working on an update for Threads that will enhance how still image posts are shared from Instagram. Instead of displaying these posts as links with small thumbnails, the new format will showcase single images and carousel posts in full size within your Threads feed. Each image will feature the creator’s Instagram handle overlaid, and tapping on the picture will direct users to the original post on Instagram!



Our first update for Pinterest seems them introduce Ad Labs, a program designed to test new creative and advertising tools, including generative AI features informed by personalised insights. This tool, powered by a proprietary generative AI model and visual search data, creates customised lifestyle backgrounds for Product Pins.

Our next Social Media news update is that Pinterest has unveiled a variety of cutting-edge features for advertisers. This new addition is the AI-powered automated ad campaign tool called Performance+, this tool will streamline the entire process of creating Promoted Pins, reducing the need for manual intervention.



First up and X has announced that “likes” on the platform will now be private to protect users and increase engagement. This update includes the removal of the “Likes” tab on profile pages, preventing users from tracking the likes of others to determine their interests or political views… Another disappointing Social Media news update.

And onto the next… X is making a significant move by shifting live-streaming behind its paywall to become an exclusive feature for Premium users. This decision is expected to impact the frequency of live on-the-ground footage shared on the platform, which is a core aspect of its live-streaming appeal.

Finally, and it’s another feature being put behind a paywall… X has introduced an enhanced profile analytics feature, now available to X Premium subscribers. This upgrade provides detailed insights into performance metrics such as total impressions, engagement rate, profile visits, video performance, link clicks, and more. So, what does this mean? Well, you wont be able to view analytic reporting unless you’re willing to subscribe to Premium.



Over to TikTok and they’re advancing its digital marketing capabilities by introducing its new “Symphony” marketing management platform. Among the new features is the ability for brands to leverage virtual influencers to promote and sell products directly within the app!


New Platform Alert!

ByteDance, the maker of TikTok, looks like they’re testing a new social media app called Whee. The app’s description says that Whee will focus on capturing and sharing real-life photos which sounds a lot like Instagram!



YouTube has introduced picture-in-picture viewing for Shorts, allowing YouTube Premium subscribers to minimise the Shorts viewing window while multitasking on their device. Additionally, YouTube is testing new comment mention features and considering making Shorts downloadable… but it’s behind a paywall!


That’s your lot!

As the digital landscape continues to evolve at a rapid pace, staying informed is key to leveraging these changes for your business. Head over to our Instagram account and let us know which Social Media News update you’re most excited about!

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