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How to Schedule TikTok Posts on Hootsuite

Natalie Sherman & Harry Swayne

With over one-billion users, TikTok is making a storm in the marketing world! Despite the focus on authenticity, it’s a content-hungry platform. That means you need to be planned and prepared, to ensure it works for you! Luckily, our favourite scheduling platform recently announced the ability to schedule TikTok content!
We’ve pulled together this step-by-step guide for how to schedule TikTok posts on Hootsuite!

How to schedule your TikTok’s:

You can schedule Hootsuite via the desktop or mobile app so get logged in and let’s jump in:


1. Connect your account

The first step in learning how to schedule TikTok posts is to connect your account!

It’s important to know that you need a Business Account to connect your TikTok to Hootsuite, so before you get going, you’ll need to switch your account over using the settings and privacy option on your TikTok profile page.


2. Film Your Content

It’s a given, but you can’t schedule your content if there isn’t anything to schedule! We’d recommend filming your videos outside of TikTok where possible.


3. Save Your Content

Once you’ve filmed and edited, save your content to your phone’s gallery or camera roll – this applies to both Desktop and Mobile scheduling.

If you’re filming native to TikTok, the only way to save your video will be by screen recording your draft (watch out for quality issues here though). Hootsuite has suggested another workaround for this potential snag! They’ve recommended posting the video privately and then downloading it to your phone. For Desktop users, you’ll have to send the video over to your desktop before moving on and don’t forget to remove the watermark!


4. Compose your post

With your content to hand, you need to compose your post…

Head over to Hootsuite and click the “Compose” button on the dashboard. Once in the composer, click (or tap) on the “Publish To” button to see the drop-down menu of platforms. Select your TikTok account.


tiktok scheduling on hootsuite

scheduling tiktok on hootsuite


Next, upload your video content.

Scheduling tiktok on hootsuite

Then write your caption (limited to 150 characters) and include your hashtags.


scheduling TikTok on Hootsuite


5. Schedule Your Post

Desktop users, click on schedule for later and then select the date and time you want your content to go out. Once you’ve completed that step, click done and then schedule.


scheduling tiktok on hootsuite

scheduling tiktok content on hootsuite

If you’re a mobile user, after you’ve composed the post, click “Next,” and you’ll be taken to the scheduling options. From here, click “Custom Schedule,” enter the date and time you want the post and click “Ok.”


scheduling tiktok on hootsuite mobile

And voilà! Your content has been scheduled and you’ve leant how to schedule TikTok posts!

"With over one-billion users, TikTok is making a storm in the marketing world! Despite the focus on authenticity, it’s a content hungry platform."

Why schedule TikTok content?

There are advantages and disadvantages to scheduling TikTok’s on Hootsuite.



  • It could be a time saver! If you’re busy and don’t have time to post ‘live’, then scheduling is a great option for you.
  • If you have multiple TikTok accounts, you can manage engagements through the streams tab within Hootsuite.
  • Hootsuite offers scheduling through both desktop and mobile. TikTok’s native scheduler is only available on desktop.
  • Scheduling on Hootsuite allows you to work to a schedule and ensures consistency.
  • TikTok’s native scheduler restricts how far in advance you can schedule content – limiting it to a ten-day period.


  • Hootsuite isn’t customisable. This means you can’t add trending sounds, filters or create a cover image.
  • The character limit in Hootsuite and on TikTok desktop is 150 characters shorter than if you were to write your caption in-app!
  • Hootsuite’s suggested workaround for saving content with filters and/or trending sounds is a little long-winded!


Ready to go?

Before you take the leap into scheduling TikTok content, make sure that your strategy considers:

  • What your content is going to be about.
  • How often you’ll post.
  • The days and times you want posts to go out.

Our own strategy currently includes two posts a week, one using a current trend and the second focusing on providing our audience with ‘added value’.

When it comes to the ‘right’ number of posts to share on TikTok, there isn’t a magic number. You’ll find a number of TikTok ‘gurus’ saying to post anything from 1-4 TikTok’s a day!

If you’re a busy business owner, this might not be possible so don’t put pressure on yourself or be put off by it! Look – we’re creating 2 videos a week. That’s manageable for us and it fits our strategy.

Looking for advice on creating a strategy?

Check out our seven tips to fixing your marketing strategy blog.

See you on TikTok soon!

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