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Changes To The Facebook Algorithm And What You Can Do To Overcome It

Earlier in the year Facebook announced some changes to their algorithm – the factors which determine what posts we see in our news feed each time we open up the app or log in on our laptops.

It’s fantastic that so many businesses (millions in fact) use Facebook to market what they do, connect with customers and sell their products or services, for many small businesses here across the globe Facebook replaces the need for a website and allows to run a business full stop!

Facebook has always been about connecting people – friends and families – and creating an environment that supports and encourages meaningful interaction. Over the years, naturally this has changed a little as a result of it’s growth and they’ve noticed that individuals are scrolling through more passively and that this actually has an effect on people’s sense of wellbeing.

Changes in the Algorithm

Over recent years the community has also fed back to Facebook that they don’t like being overly sold too by businesses and brands, so it’s unsurprising that they are really starting to re-focus on the community side of their network, connecting people and prioritising content that will be more insightful, more beneficial and more meaningful to the user.

For me, this is a great thing! This is Facebook reflecting on what they wanted to be and what’s happening. Ultimately they want their users to spend more time on the platform of course, but like any good business, they want to make sure that that experience is a positive one, and when you sit within a company that connects over 1 billion people across the globe, you have to take responsibility for what that looks like.

Facebook has always been about connecting people – friends and families – and creating an environment that supports and encourages meaningful interaction.

What does that mean for Pages (businesses, organisations, public figures etc)?

In short in means you’re going to have to work harder to get your content seen. More than ever you really do need consider what you’re saying and when you’re saying it. Again – this can only be a positive. Gone are the days when people are just publishing for the sake of it ‘Happy Friday’ ‘Happy Monday’ etc. Gone are the days when people think that posting every single a day, perhaps multiple times a day is necessary. (By the way, this has never been a winning tactic!)

What I should say is, gone are the days we’ll have to passively scroll past all these posts. Moving forward, we just won’t see them in the news feed.

What is going to work?

  • Value based content – something that are helpful to your audience.
  • .Entertaining content – something that will make your audience smile
  • Inspirational content – something that will make your audience feel motivated.

Oh and if you haven’t had the memo yet…video isn’t going aware. and neither is live. Once you’ve brainstormed some ideas that fit into the topics above, then think about how you portray that through video.

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