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Seven Tips to Boost Your Profile on LinkedIn

LinkedIn is the home of professional social media networking and it exists to connect professionals – but with millions of users flooding the network, how can you make sure your profile stands out?

While you may not be looking for a new job opportunity, it is important to keep your profile up-to-date and you keep connecting with those you interact with –it’s always good to be able to showcase to your current employer just how valuable an asset you are, considering they’re most likely keeping their profile up to date too.

Here we’ve identified some top tips and helpful information so that you can tailor your LinkedIn profile so it works in the most effective and efficient way.

1. Steer clear of politics and religion

You wouldn’t discuss these in the pub or at an interview, and these topics also have no place on LinkedIn.

2. Headline your skills, not your current job

Your LinkedIn headline is what impacts the SEO results, so highlight your skills, not your place of work, to make sure your profile comes up.

3. Keep your work history to the most relevant jobs

Make your skill sets, knowledge base and experience abundantly clear to any potential employers so they know what you’re capable of.

4. Recommendations are more powerful than endorsements

People visiting your profile will often read your recommendations so encourage others to wax lyrical about your skills and what it’s really like to work with you.

LinkedIn is the home of professional social media networking and it exists to connect professionals.

5. Share your success stories

The most engaging posts on LinkedIn are those of personal success, accolades and awards, your profile is your platform so remember to blow your own trumpet.

6. Hashtags are back, use them

Maximise the exposure of your content by using relevant hashtags. This will ensure your content will still appear and be found when LinkedIn users categorised, organise and filter content.

7. Become a Power User

Once you’ve made 500 connections you become a ‘power user’. This means your content appears in more feeds because LinkedIn’s algorithms favour you and your content!

Utilise your connections, make the most of your third-party relationships and get your content seen as well as increase your profile visibility.

If you’re struggling to make sense of LinkedIn or to get your profile noticed, Naturally Social offer 1:1 and team workshops, contact us to find out more.

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