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Social Media Updates for March 2022

Harry Swayne

We’ve finally made it out of the Winter months and have been warmly welcomed by the first days of Spring… though that hasn’t lasted too long! Despite that, social media updates have been sprouting up all over the place, so let’s get going…


We’re kicking off with some quick-fire updates:




Moving onto Instagram, they’ve started the month by removing some features and apps! Firstly, Instagram has announced the closure of its separate IGTV app. But not to worry as all the video content has been integrated into the app.

Secondly, Instagram further announced the removal of the separate Boomerang and Hyperlapse apps. This isn’t really a surprise as Instagram has both of these features available via their Stories feature.


Instagram didn’t just remove features:


They added some too! Starting off, Instagram has launched updated creator tags. These tags will help users credit anyone else involved in their post (even if they aren’t physically there). The idea behind this update is to give more attention to those who wouldn’t normally get the necessary exposure. In other words, giving credit where credit is due!

Successful online performance must be Instagram’s goal this month, as they’ve launched a new Creator Lab to help creators’ on-platform performance. The Creator Lab will focus on a variety of different areas like channel growth and monetisation.


Calling all Instagram Live-Streamers. This next update is for you!

A new Moderator option for live streams has been launched and it will allow users to pick one of the viewers within a live stream and enable them to monitor the chat. Instagram are a little behind with this update as moderators have been in full flow over on TikTok for a while!


Speaking of TikTok:


We’re starting with a huge update – TikTok’s videos are getting even longer!! Creators can now make videos up to 10 minutes long! But why would a platform, known for short-form video want to make this update? It could be another way to boost monetisation for creators, or it could simply be a way to challenge YouTube!
Either way, it’s an exciting move… but would you watch a 10 min TikTok!

Not only are TikTok competing with YouTube, but they’re also looking to challenge the likes of Meta and Snapchat with this next update!
You may, or may not, have heard that TikTok has been experimenting with Stories.  This test must be going well as they have just rolled it out to more users! It is worth noting that these stories won’t directly appear in the main feed or on a user’s profile. Instead, you’ll have to keep an eye out for a blue ring around the creator’s profile picture on a video you’re watching.
This update is still in the early days and could change by the time it is introduced globally, so keep your eyes peeled!

Breaking News!


Just when we thought we had all the updates, TikTok has just dropped another one! The short-video platform has begun testing a new Watch History feature, a much wanted, and needed, feature for TikTok users.
The days of losing videos in your ‘FYP’ feed will soon be behind us and you could soon be able to use this feature to find that hilarious video you accidentally scrolled past!
Don’t let this update prevent you from liking and sharing content from your favourite creators!

Great news for Pinterest users, they can now share Idea Pins to Facebook and Instagram!



March was quite a busy month for LinkedIn who launched a new group and a new feature!

The platform’s new group, the Marketing Partner Community Group aims to provide helpful tips and useful insights to LinkedIn Marketeers.

A new feature is called ‘Career-Break, has also been introduced. This new feature is a part of a user’s experience section in their profile and will provide a better understanding of why some people have gaps in their CVs.

Lastly, newsletters have been added to LinkedIn – again! Newsletters were previously introduced back in November via the app’s Creator Mode, but this latest social media update now lets users post newsletters on their Company Pages! You’ll even get a notification whenever your page gets a follow through the newsletter!




The last stop on the journey through March is Twitter and they might have had the most social media updates this month!

We’ll start with Twitter’s year-long testing of its ‘Birdwatch’ program. The purpose of Birdwatch is to be a community-driven approach to dealing with the spread of misinformation. Birdwatch will allow users to provide notes on potentially misleading posts in order to provide a greater context to the post’s audience.

Testing for a new in-profile shopping feature has launched this month too. This feature looks to integrate a large View Shop CTA button into business profiles and could prove to be a big boost for Twitter’s shopping scene. After all, it’ll make it so much easier for users to access a business’ products!


Twitter hasn’t stopped there:


An update adding audio clips for Twitter Spaces was introduced this month too. The audio clips can be up to 30 seconds long and can be shared via tweet to potentially get more reach and engagement. The tweets will also link back to the Spaces’ full recording of your audio stream.
When it comes to the audio content scene, Twitter does seem to be doing its best to catch up to its rivals – with Clubhouse introducing this same feature in September last year. Could Twitter surpass Clubhouse and make superior in the audio content game? Let us know your thoughts over on Twitter!

Our ultimate update for the month comes in the form of Twitter testing their own version of the Close Friends’ feature! Twitter has been teasing the concept of this feature since last year, and quite a few users are keen to have the option to customise their audience. We’re looking forward to seeing whether this update gets released and if it does, will it be around longer than Fleets?!


And relax…


We’ve reached the end of our social media updates for March; we hope you enjoyed them!
If you missed last month’s social media updates why not head over and give it a read! For more updates, don’t forget to follow us on Instagram!


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